We have the ability to provide quick and cost-effective solutions on a variety of technology platforms as we have a broad range of technical expertise paired to a commitment to product satisfaction.

We use a wide array of the latest front and back end development technologies to enable full browser capabilities, website responsiveness and secure data driven designs.

We use technologies such as:

  • C# / T-SQL
  • Responsive frameworks including Bootstrap and Foundation
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript frameworks such as KnockoutJS
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Responsive Front End Development

To bring a beautiful web experience to life it's important to use the most appropriate technologies to build customized responsive cross-browser, cross-platform websites and applications. Our aim is to provide our clients to with an easily maintainable but powerful solution to their requirements that works on any platform.

Mobile Application Development

TND Studios has been developing iOS and Android applications for many years. We are constantly investing in new technologies to enable amazing possiblities for mobile applications. Our goal is for your idea to be transformed into highly crafted, user friendly and quality application that engages with your target audience.

We have conceived, designed and developed dozens of mobile games and cross platform tools to target iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.

Database Development

A secure database design is essential to a great application and we can provide all the expertise and products to give you the tools you need to store, analyse and maintain your data in a well designed solution. With so many attacks on websites occouring, we can make sure that your data is protected with strong encrytion systems and storage methods that protect our client's data.